st. peter und Paul'S Church

the second oldest church in Reichenau

At the western end of the island of Reichenau in Niederzell is the second oldest church on the island. The two protruding towers rise on the east side. The church was built in 799 by Bishop Egino of Verona, who was then buried in a crypt in the choir in 802. Since the church burned down, it was rebuilt in 1080. The Romanesque columns that separate the side aisles from the central nave characterize the church interior. The painting in the apse that is still visible today dates from 1104-1105 and is divided into three zones. In the top zone the Majestas Domini is depicted, accompanied by the four evangelist symbols. Peter and Paul pay homage to the right and left. The twelve apostles can be found in the middle zone, with prophets depicted underneath. Around 1750 the church underwent a comprehensive redesign in the Rococo style.


St. Peter und Paul’s Church

Eginostraße 19
78479 Reichenau
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