Holiday with dog

Our tips for your holiday with your dog on Lake Constance

Would you like to travel with your dog? No problem – because well-behaved dogs are not only tolerated here, but also very welcome.

Of course, your four-legged companion can also stay overnight with you. Since we only have a limited number of rooms in the comfort double room A category for guests with dogs, we ask you to contact us by telephone. T +49 7534 99440. Please note that a fee of € 15/day applies and one dog is allowed per room.

Finally, out of consideration for the other hotel guests and to guarantee a nice and harmonious coexistence, we would like to ask you to pass on the following information to your dog:

Leash requirement

I know I’m a master of good behavior, but you better put me on a leash. This makes other guests feel safer.

In the hotelroom

If I ever stay alone in the room, there will be an information sign outside the door that says “Please do not disturb”. This way neither I nor the employees are frightened. As a well-behaved dog, I obviously know that I am not allowed to sit in the bed or on the chairs. That’s why I have my cozy blanket with me.


In order to be protected against possible damage in the room, the owner has certainly taken out dog liability insurance for me. We also left €150 on our bill as security at the reception – in case a small misfortune should happen to me. After all, I’m just an animal.


Yay – I can go to the restaurant with you! However, since I rarely manage to get something to snack on anyway, I stay relaxed under the table and don’t go to the buffet. In order not to disturb my restaurant neighbors, I decided not to bark.


I don’t have access here, and that’s a good thing. The guests want to relax and the saunas are way too hot for my paws.

To swim

I love water. So that I don’t leave any dirt behind in the hotel, we get towels for me at reception that I can use to rub myself dry.

Not only the Ganter Hotel & Restaurant Mohren is dog-friendly, but almost the entire island of Reichenau. In the morning, have a nice walk with the dog directly at the lake or through the vegetable fields, followed by a swim at the boat dock or other places on the lake where swimming of dogs is not explicitly prohibited. We have also put together a few dog-friendly excursion tips for you below.

Now nothing stands in the way of your vacation with your dog. We wish you and your four-legged friend a wonderful time on the island and thank you for your understanding!

Hunde Hotel Mohren

Dog school “Hundeliebe”

Use the time and rest on vacation to work on your dog’s behavior and your relationship with each other at “Hundeliebe” dog school.

Hohentwiel Hegau

Hohentwiel fortress ruins

Visit one of the largest German fortress ruins – the king of the Hegau volcanoes.

Rheinfall Schaffhausen

Rhine Falls

Watch a magnificent natural spectacle and enjoy the view.

Insel Mainau

Mainau Island

An experience for the eyes and mind awaits you on the flower island of Mainau.

Hochwarth Insel Reichenau

Hochwart gallery & viewpoint

The view, especially at sunset, is worth a visit at the highest point on the island.


Boat trip

By ship to the excursion destination through an impressive landscape.