Boat Trips on Lake Constance

By ship to your destination

A boat trip on western Lake Constance, especially around the picturesque island of Reichenau, offers a varied and comfortable way to experience the beauty of the Lake Constance region. Historical places, small harbors, reed-covered landscapes and views of the surrounding nature: green vegetable fields, orchards with the Alps in the background – that’s the Untersee region.

Schifffahrt Untersee und rhein (URh)

From April to mid-October, the ships of the Swiss Shipping Company Untersee and Rhein travel between Constance / Kreuzlingen (CH) and Schaffhausen (CH). Popular excursion destinations, such as Stein am Rhein, are reached and can be experienced.

A trip by ship on the western lake an the Rhine River is an experience, especially when the water level is high. Some of the bridges are quite low. In order to drive through the bridges, the roof of the cabin and the sun deck have to be lowered – then you have to duck your head and don’t get up again!

With the guest card Bodenseecard-West you  will get a 20% discount on boat trips.

The ships depart from the pier on the southern side of the island.

Bodensee-schiffsbetriebe (BSB)

The “white fleet” can be used to explore the western lake constance from Reichenau via Mannenbach and Iznang to Radolfzell. If you want to shorten your bike tour a little, it is possible to take the bike with you on the ship.

The ships depart from the pier on the southern side of the island.

schifffahrt baumann

The MS Alet offers round trips and excursions around the western lake with the destination of constance or Stein am Rhein (CH). The MS Gnadensee takes you from the island of Reichenau to Allensbach and back again – even on your bike.

The ships leave from the marina on the northern side of the island.

shipping piers

South shipping pier

An der Schiffslände 1
78479 Reichenau
+49 7534 999767

North shipping pier – Marina

Hermannus-Contractus-Straße 28
78479 Reichenau
+49 7534 1277