Hohentwiel fortress ruins

A fortress ruin with a breathtaking view

The Hohentwiel is Singen’s 686m high local mountain and used to be a volcano. A fortress was built on the large rocks of the mountain over 1000 years ago to protect against attackers. The foundation walls of the fortress are still well preserved and offer many opportunities for discovery for young and old.

The Duke of Swabia lived in the upper part, the former castle, the workers lived in the outer bailey and the army lived in the houses.

The fortress ruins offer an extraordinary, extensive view over Lake Constance, the other Hegau volcanic cones and the peaks of the Alps.

Note/Tip: The climb to the ruins is very steep and the path is uneven. It is better to leave the stroller at the entrance. If you want something even more sporty, you can extend the ascent and descent through the picturesque vineyards.


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