REICHENAU Vegetables

Always fresh and regional

Around 83 businesses (full-time and part-time) share the existing cultivation area of 120 hectares. These small family businesses in particular guarantee that Reichenau has a horticultural range to offer, ranging from chives and parsley to cauliflower and greenhouse cucumbers. In recent decades, great efforts have been made to further develop vegetable production: irrigation network for the entire island, central marketing, production from integrated and controlled cultivation and expansion of greenhouse areas to 40 hectares. All of these measures now enable an annual production of, despite the relatively small cultivated area around 14,000 tons of fresh vegetables.

When purchasing vegetables, the origin, quality and freshness of the products count. Reichenau-Gem├╝se eG guarantees this with state-of-the-art, cooperatively organized marketing. The producers deliver the carefully harvested and carefully packaged vegetables to the marketing hall, where they are checked for quality, picked and delivered daily in refrigerated trucks, mainly in southern Germany.

Tip: Not far from the hotel, many small producers offer their goods in small stands – go on a discovery tour!

In the high season, guided tours of the vegetable growing facilities are offered, which can be booked through the tourist information office.


Reichenau-Gem├╝se eG

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