Swiss Science Center Technorama

a world of experimentation

Interactive experiments and demonstrations such as the laser kiosk, the high-voltage show, the Coriolis carousel or the gas show convey the phenomena of everyday life and nature through experiencing, touching, understanding and playing. Particularly popular topics include optical illusions, music, water, magnetism and light. The laboratory for young people offers programs and workshops on various topics such as chemistry or biology, in which natural phenomena are explored.

In addition to the changing special exhibitions, the Technorama in Winterthur also has a shop, a restaurant and a park.

The Technorama park offers an ideal complement to the exhibition in the house. Here you will find a relaxing change in fresh air and a quiet spot under the trees or by the water. There are also other large exhibits in the open air here.

Tip: If you want to get to Winterthur without a motorway vignette, follow national road 1 from Kreuzlingen in the direction of Winterthur. In Winterthur this leads directly past the Technorama.

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Swiss Science Center Technorama

Technoramastra├če 1
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