UNESCO World Heritage Monastery Island Reichenau

In the MUSEUM REICHENAU you can discover the important history of the monastery island of Reichenau. The island has been a world heritage site since 2000 and will celebrate its 1,300th anniversary in 2024.

The Reichenau Monastery was founded in 724. This was followed by a writing and painting school that lasted around 300 years. The St. Gallen monastery plan was created on the Reichenau in the years 825/830, a floor plan of how a monastery town should be laid out from the perspective of the time. Abbot Walahfrid Strabo was also a child of Reichenau and created the poem “Hortulus” here in 845, which can still be used as a practical gardening guide today.

In addition to the monastic history, the civil history of the island is also presented in the museum.

The main building of the museum near the cathedral is supplemented by two small buildings at the churches of St. George and St. Peter and Paul. The respective church history is presented here.

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Reichenau Museum

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